Sofa Talk: CFO Value with automated AP and P2P

Watch episode 2 of Sofa Talks with our CEO, Torhill Falnes.

Automation is transforming the way we work! In this episode of our Sofa Talks Video Series, we are looking into the CFO Value of automated AP and P2P processes. 

Torhill Falnes, CEO at Eye-share
In this episode, you meet Torhill Falnes , CEO at Eye-share,  together with host Knut Pedersen, CEO and founder of Spring Agency. 

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What is Sofa Talks?

Sofa Talks is a video series launched in 2024 by Eye-share. It's a casual conversation where our knowledgeable colleagues share their experiences and thoughts on various topics related to the role of CFO and accountant. The goal of Sofa Talks is to inspire, inform and simplify!

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